How to Stream Games on Twitch

One way to do a wild search aside from Wikipedia and YouTube, why not try to type the URL in your web browser and this will be the start of your gaming virtual internet-based practice!

Overview of the Site

Screenshot of Twitch

Live streaming over twitch is a “must see” experience. In this video channel station, it will provide anything related to games. You can search walk-through, assistance to the gameplay, tricks, techniques, cheats and you can also follow your most favorite list of games! If you’re interested in considering this site, it is highly recommended to sign up your account, fill up all the details and after verifying your twitch, you may now download the live broadcast streaming program just like a torrent, a game launcher or a Spotify. The desktop icon of twitch will be an easy access in linking through the internet. It is advisable to have a high speed internet to efficiently view the live streaming.

Twitch is an online host video streaming site developed by the Twitch Interactive. It has tons of information that would help a player to maneuver his gameplay. The good thing to know, that this site is not just available in the internet, but even supports the platforms for iOS and Android mobile applications! Millions of viewers everyday are being logged in and connected with Twitch and that’s how popular it is. Millions of videos are also being watched and uploaded to share. Apart from that, it does not only a channel to watch playthroughs, but also broadcast live e-sports competitions and other creative contents as well. It was launched last June 6, 2011 and believe it or not, Amazon is the parent-owner of Twitch.

A Very Cool Feature

Using Twitch is not only intended for watching or viewing, but also you can do recording. You may record anything under its program, upload and share it to the internet. Maneuvering and navigating the entire installed program has been pretty much easy and manageable to utilize as well, just like using the open broadcast software also known as OBS. The HD video graphics in this site are surely remarkable and you will enjoy watching. It is important to know that aside from keeping your password secured all the time, you must take note this also, that you should not let anyone know your stream key because, like a password, it might be used especially by the perpetrators and hackers to get into your account.

Streaming Games on Twitch

By means of typing the game that you want on their search engine, you may find it simple to use and not causing any lags. Select any videos that you want to view or watch, then that’s it! In operating this program, your account contains a dashboard that you can use to share any videos related to games. Have a try and be surprised with what this site can provide! Sign up, fill up, e-mail verify, download, install, then watch at Twitch!

Game Dev Story: A Fun Simulation Game

Game Dev Story IconGame Dev Story was a first mobile game created by Kairosoft. Original version of the game was released in Japan for Microsoft Windows in 1997. In 2010. , Kairosoft decided to make the game available on mobile devices. It is currently supported by Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

It is a simulation that puts you in a position of a video game company owner. The game mimics real life video game industry in many ways. Success of your games is determined by 4 attributes: fun, graphics, originality and sound. Popularity of your games is decided by many other factors, such as employees, consoles and pure luck. To make your games even better, you can train your employees, build a console or unlock new genres and types of games.
While the main goal of the game is to create good games, there are lots of other aspects of video game industry too, such as events, sequels, contracts, advertisement and other.

There are different types of events. Some of them are random, some are annual, and some you have to unlock. Sequels can be created for a certain game only when it enters the Hall of Fame. Advantage of creating a sequel is that they start out with extra levels of fun, graphics, originality and sound. In addition to making games, you can also fulfill contracts for other companies. Completing contracts earns you money and research points, which can later be used to level up your employees or to perform a boost which increases your chances of success. There are different types of advertising methods you can unlock through the game. Advertising can help to boost the popularity of your upcoming game. You play through a 20-year career, after which your highscore stops increasing.

The game received many positive reviews, most of them focused on its addictiveness and somewhat realistic environment of the video game industry. Metacritic rated it with a score of 86% . I personally find Game Dev Story one of the best mobile games ever. With its addictive gameplay style and witty puns, it offers you with a unique gaming experience. For $only 4.99 for Apple device users, and $2.07 for Android users, this game will surely provide you with hours of fun!